Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jeep Wrangler Cake

This jeep cake was by far my favorite cake. It was a four layer cake raised up to match the size of the wheels. The cake is a replica of my brother's jeep down to the last vent. Since it was his birthday, the number 18 was placed on the liscense plate.
June 2009


  1. this is an awesome cake!!!! you did an amazing job!!!
    could i have you make a similar cake for me? im trying to find someone to make a cake that looks like my friends jeep for his bday in july. i dont need it perfect or to big since only about 4 or 5 people will be eating it. could you help me?

    please email me, brilovesyou111@yahoo.com


  2. what did you use for the sliver/gray part? Like on the lights?

  3. the light bar and door handles are made of fitted aluminum foil and the actual lights are wrapped Hershey kisses with the chocolate tips facing into the cake. Good luck! :)

  4. Real cutie cake there. Indeed, I think the maker of such cake is a Jeep Wrangler avid. And thumbs-up for that.

  5. This cake is absolutely amazing!! I am thinking of making it for an upcoming birthday, what size pan did you use for the layers?

  6. Also, what is under the jeep? What did you use to raise the cake to match the wheels?